Hey, thanks for coming along for the ride!! xo-Amber





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  1. Amber, just saw you on house hunters. You are very cute and seem very knowledgeable.
    Looking forward to your blogs.

  2. I loved reading your blog. I saw you on House Hunters International last night.
    I lived in the 16th in Passy in 1986 during my study abroad in college. Paris is beautiful! I really enjoyed seeing your fashion shots around the city. Best of luck to you!

  3. My wife and I watched you last night on Househunters International and wanted to wish you luck with your site. You are embarking on a great adventure that you will never regret, and it appears that you’re doing so with optimism, enthusiasm and preparation. We’re also launching our own travel/real estate website (which is why we watch househunters) so if you need any wordpress advice, let us know. Good luck!

  4. My daughter and I watched HGTV last night (June 27th). Terrific show! Best of luck in your new adventure, Amber! And keep the great pictures coming!


    Greg and Katrina (Tulsa, OK)

  5. Just watched you on hose hunters and subscribed to your web sight immediately. What a fantastic adventure! Wish you all the best and cannot wait to read your blog and see your designs.

  6. Hi Amber, I just saw you on House Hunters. You are living my dream. I hope to make it to Paris soon. Love your prospective on fashion and will keep checking in on your journey.

  7. Hi! Saw you on House Hunters and am so excited that you are following your passion. Hope you are loving Paris and the apartment is doing you well :) – Catherine

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