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Location: Ruppert Park 91st and 2nd ave

Dress BCBG MaxAzria, Belt Nine West, Lace Tights Duane Reade, Purse Chanel, Booties BCBGeneration, Jewelry Monet, Laila Rowe, Nails Revlon Mon Cherry

Photos by Natalia DiGiovanni


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Leather with a napped finish (or suede to the layman) is generally an autumn or winter trend in fashion.  Mostly crafted into knee-high boots, shearling stuffed gloves, or buttoned down jackets, this smooth-textured material has commonly been worn to keep warm in chilly terrains.  In fact, we Anglophones mistook the word from the french phrase “gants de Suède” which actually means gloves from Sweden (in case you’re ever a contestant on Jeopardy… you’re welcome!).  Anywho, I’m a big fan of taking a conventional fabric and flaunting it during a not-so-conventional season… hence my nappy leather mini skirt and halter top on the streets of the Upper East Side during a hot New York City summer (check out Persueded).  Other than the obvious fact that the mini and halter don’t cover nearly enough skin to be worn in any season other than summer, the way to pull off this “Swedish” look is to pair it with contradicting light fabrics d’été such as lace, chiffon, or linen as well as summer classics such as open-toed sandals or espadrilles.  It’s fun to bend the rules (isn’t that why they were created in the first place?), so indulge your inner-rebel and join me in Nappin’!  (Feel free to join as well if you’re feeling a little sleepy).


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Location: Upper East Side

Blazer BCBG MaxAzria, Suede Halter Wilsons Leather, Suede Skirt Wilsons Leather, Purse Aldo, Espadrilles Jimmy Choo, Jewelry Aldo, Monet, Michael Kors, Nails Revlon Mon Cherry

Photos by Natalia DiGiovanni


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It’s July and the weather is hot, hot, HOT!  So lucky for us, the fashion gods have taken mercy on womankind and gifted us a little breath of fresh air… literally. That’s because the cool trend for summer 2012 is all about the cut-outs, aka side-vents.  We’re seeing cut-outs in all shapes and sizes from quirky tanktops, to cutesy jumpers, to sophisticated red carpet gowns.  Also, this may be a first in that looking and feeling stellar is actually secondary when sporting the current statement du saison, because this peek-a-boo apparatus’s primary goal is simply to air out any and all unwanted perspiration zones.  All that’s required is a little wind and enough space between you and your vents to allow the air to tunnel on through.  So when you’re Ventin’, make sure you use as directed and take full advantage of each and every breeze that comes your way.  Check out my side-vents in Black and Blue Tie Affair.

Black and Blue Tie Affair

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Location: Park Avenue Church at 85th Street

Dress Urban Outfitters, Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti, Purse Laila Rowe, Jewelry Judith Ripka, Nails Revlon Mon Cherry

Photos by Natalia DiGiovanni 


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In French it’s referred to as the Combination.  You may know it better as the Jumpsuit, the Jumper, or the Romper.  But I’m here to tell you that these symantics are all just mere euphemisms for the Adult Onesie.  And just like its toddler counterpart, you simply crawl in, zip or button up, and go, go, go!  It’s fast, seemingly easy, and undoubtedly comfy… at least during the onset that is.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a definite fan, and was able to find super cute patterned and colored onesies all over Paris (see La Combinaison), but as your trusted fashion blogger (wink wink), it is my fiduciary duty to warn any and all users (or potential users, for that matter) of this dynamic design in that it may be hazardous to your health and well being.  Allow me to elaborate.  If you’re considering for even a milli-second to drink a single sip, let alone the recommended amount of eight 8 oz glasses of water per day to keep you healthily hydrated, put the onesie down and back away from it slowly.  Take my word for it — the universal task of relieving one’s bladder is unconditionally hindered by this tricky little ensemble.  It’s probably been decades since you yourself wore one of these get-ups as a child, but if you try to conjure up the memories, I’m sure you’ll soon remember that you needed parental help getting in and out of your little fleece costume.  Many things in life have changed since then, but this, my friends, has not.  So, I only recommend that you join me in Onesin’ if you’re truly comfortable with asking a complete (and potentially scary) stranger to lend you a hand in unzipping you at the public restroom!!  Be brave!



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