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Ironically le Smoking doesn’t actually refer to anything pertaining to tobacco or other substances of choice used to inhale; in fact, this french word was created in 1966 by the late yet never-to-be-forgotten Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent.  Though this ground-breaking fashion god pioneered this look nearly a half a century ago, the Tuxedo for women has once again made a comeback in Parisian streetwear today.  Bowties, satin trimmed tailored blazers, and cropped vests are all common occurences in la mode quotidienne.  These pieces don’t need to be worn all together (unless of course you want to go all out!) yet each brings drama and sultry sophistication to any ensemble.  So keep a lookout New York because before long there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing tuxedo suits and jackets washing ashore the banks of the Hudson.  Check out my Smoking tie in La Ment(h)euse!

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    Amber Holmes is originally from Indiana, Pennsylvania. She obtained an undergraduate degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a business degree from L'Institut Commercial de Nancy in France. She has lived and worked in New York City since 2007 in the Financial Services Industry, but her true passion is Fashion. To pursue her dreams of a career in fashion, she has launched her own fashion blog to showcase NYC and Parisian fashion. She is relocating to be based out of Paris in September 2012.

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    1. Brenda Holmes

      Excellent! Love your Paris to NYC connection!

    2. just wanted to comment and say that it is a very interesting post.

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