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Normally I like to write about the coolest/chic-est/sexiest fashion trend from my previous pic post, and not that there aren’t plenty of cool/chic/sexy items to choose from in Jersey (Knit) Boys, but I received so many compliments about one item in particular that I just had to share.  Remember back in the day when you’d go to your local drug store and pick up a pack of plastic french-manicured press-on nails that were so obscenely long and sharp that at any given moment a fake fore-finger could turn into schrapnel as the ill-fitted nail pings off and flies through the air at an innocent bystander? Well lucky for us, press-on nails are among nature’s creatures depicted in Charles Darwin’s fave theory.  In fact, the evolution of OTC fake nails has come so far, that I think I now prefer them to my much coveted bi-weekly manis!  I tried imPRESS press-on nails for the first time for my recent photoshoot and though they were easy to apply, fit my nails seemlessly and comfortably, and looked natural, I figured they’d prob last me 2-3 days max before the inevitable pinging effect took place.  Eight days later, I was shocked that my (unchipped!) manicure still looked as good as day one… AND I received sooo many compliments along the way.  No one had a clue that they were fake!  So there ya go.  Try em out and see if you like them too.  (Too bad I’m not getting paid to endorse this product!! LOL) xo- Amber

2 thoughts on “Pressin’

  1. This is so funny, because just recently, I made the switch as well. Not that I don’t miss my manis, because I kinda do, but……the new “fake” nails DO hold up well, are so much cheaper and take up sooooo much less time. As they (whoever “they” are….LOL) say, time is money. Now I find myself with more time AND more money. What better combination? Now, maybe we shoud BOTH be endorsed! Honestly girls, just give them a try. I think a LOT of people will be surprised. Plus the fumes from the Nail Shops are really, really bad for you!

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