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*sigh* It’s virtually implausible to sum up my past five years in a city as incomparably marvelous as New York in just one lil’ post, but nonetheless here is my feeble attempt…

“Dear New York,
It has only been 17 days since I left you, so I’m certain that your feelings of betrayal and resentment toward me are still raw.  I want you to know that I do not begrudge you these feelings as they are just, and I deserve to face the consequences of my actions.  Weren’t you, after all, always there for me when I was feeling sad or lonely with your overflowing crowds of people rushing to and fro, but always willing to stop and offer a helping hand or an encouraging smile?  Didn’t you selflessly offer your breathtakingly beautiful skyline and sky-scraping architecture day in and day out?  Weren’t you the one who gifted me the serenity and green freshness of your Central Park which brought me such peace, joy, and respite from the daily hustle and bustle?  Also, it was you who introduced me to such a variety of people from all corners of the earth and allowed me to hear their language, taste their food, and enjoy their culture.  You might not know, but you inspired me to take risks, to push boundaries, to grow taller and stronger from the inside out, to reflect upon my life with honesty and thus make big hard decisions. Though at times it was overwhelmingly difficult, and I didn’t know how to overcome my life’s obstacles or if I even could… you gave me the energy and strength, with your windtunnels to my back, to perservere. So I want to sincerely thank you, for I am a better, happier, prouder person today than I was only five years ago when we first met.  Also, I hope that once the hurt subsides, you’ll understand why it is I left you and all of your undeniable glory. It might be hard to comprehend now, but I needed to leave you when I was on top.  When my life was absolutely perfect: my job was stable and well-paying, my days and nights were filled with fun and passion, my friends were the best I’ve ever had, my attitude was carefree, my body was healthy, and my love for life was radiant.  It was thus imperative that I leave while I was at the apex, the pinnacle, the acme.  You see, now, for as long as I shall see tomorrow, I will always love you with only the purest, most altruistic of loves.  I shall never look back and think about you with tainted regrets or sour what-ifs.  I know with all of my heart that my decision was the right one, and along with it that someday you will understand and appreciate why I left.  Until then, I send my love and know that you are brightening another New Yorker’s day with your sunny smile.

Forever yours,

PS.  I do hope you’ll come visit me someday… I think you’d really enjoy Paris. xo”

3 thoughts on “Farewellin’

  1. Am:
    I knew you were getting ready for this new adventure, but due to the craziness in my life, I just now realized you were actually gone. You are a VERY talented young woman and only deserve the VERY best life has to offer. Good luck to you and PLEASE stay in touch!! This was a very touching farewell. (Ever consider being a writer on the side? LOL)
    Love ya girl!!!

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