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Blazers are by far the easiest and most essential piece of any woman’s (and man’s!) wardrobe.  Not only do they instantaneously add structure to any outfit, but more importantly they are great at hiding any extra bulges you may not love advertising to the rest of world!  As tradition goes, most people associate blazers with 9 to 5 boring work attire, but try to think outside of the box this spring!  Pair a bright blazer as a pop of color to your little black dress, or transform a comfy tee and a pair of shorts with a polished blazer and pumps to go out on the town!  Whichever way you choose, I promise you’ll feel and look great when you’re blazin’.

Check out my blazer and shorts outfit in Melon and Mint!

One thought on “Blazin’

  1. OMG – Love, love, love the green blazer upper right corner and have just GOT to have one. You are ROCKING girl!!!!

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