Gold Medallin’

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How apropos.  The Olympics are a rare and special occasion when the world joins together as one to cheer for their respective teams but also to root for the underdog and those exemplary acts of humility and kindness that so oft take place during the two weeks’ events.   Though most of us on this side of the Atlantic are forced to watch the time-delayed races on primetime (after I glanced at my phone and saw the breaking news that Lochte won gold and Phelps came in fourth…I mean COME ON people, can’t you at least pre-empt with a “Spoiler-Alert” or something?? I just pretended that I didn’t see it and cheered all the same.)  Anywho, I digress.  All I’m trying to say is that just because you’re not in on the action live in London, doesn’t mean that you can’t  actively participate by sporting your fave metallics (and by fave I’m obvi only referring to gold, silver, and bronze) for the remainder of the Games.  Metallics are cool and sensual and always fun to rock with a smoky eye.  So no matter which country you’re rooting for, pay homage to the Olympics which brings humanity together for a short time every two years by wearing your medals (err… metals) proudly.  Oh and btw, I’m choosing to only don gold because well, duh… I’m a champ!

Check out my gold sparklies in Steeler Nation.

 Speaking of apropos… did anyone notice that none-other-than Katniss is wearing gold too??? Hunger Games ♥


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A blue moon, a summer solstice, a high tide… are all cyclical natural phenomena. They inevitably come and go at the whimsy of Mother Nature herself as we willingly accept their presence and passing without as much as a blinking of the eye.  Most of us in the non-scientific world don’t have much desire to try to explain why these events occur; we’d much rather exert our energy elsewhere and just go with the flow.  Cycles in fashion are usually not worth explaining either… especially when they re-emerge from an era of big crimped hair, not-so-sexy leg warmers, and unflatteringly oversized shoulder pads, better known as the 80’s!  Now I’m not hatin’ on the 80’s, in fact I’m proud to have been born during this kitschy decade, but I’ll admit, I too am goin’ with the flow on this one.  Cut-off denim vests aren’t necessarily the most offensive garb to have re-gained popularity since my birth-decade… but they also aren’t exactly the most explicable either.  Though my leopard-print jean vest in Vested Interest is undeniably adorbs, what purpose does this garment actually serve?  It’s sleeveless, so it doesn’t help to keep warm on a chilly evening… but… then again… it’s thick denim, so it’s not practical to wear in the blazing sun…  Wait a sec, didn’t you just tell me that these things aren’t worth trying to explain!?  So drop it, Einstein, and wear the heck outta that vest cuz this cycle’s about to wane.  (Err, wax?)