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Ever since I can remember, my closet has not only been perfectly color-coordinated, but full of vibrant and bright hues.  When the seasons dictated drab neutrals or somber blacks, I often went against the grain and wore my ever-cheerful and jolly wardrobe.  Especially in a city where jaded New Yorkers emanate their… well, jaded-ness via black-on-black ensembles day in and day out, it’s been a shock to everyone to suddenly see smiles and exuberant faces all over the streets of NYC (and not just on the silly awe-struck tourists!)  In fact, it seems that finally, as a whole, we’ve tossed our tenues en noir to the wayside, and our blasé demeanors along with it.  Halleluiah, florescent neon has saved our city!  I don’t know if it’s partly due to the fact that this spring’s neons are so eye-blindingly bright that we just can’t see each other most of the time and have to squint in one another’s presence, but I have to believe that most of it is because color makes us feel alive, gleeful.  It truly is a nice change of pace, so let’s live in the moment and bask in the warm fuzziness this trend has gifted us, because you know as well as I, that sooner than later, the buzz will wear off and all that’s left is the usual grumbles and curse words…

Check out my neon yellow flats in Neon Element!


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Nicknaming people and inanimate objects has always been, well… one of my things.  So those of you who know me won’t be surprised by this honorary tribute to my owl necklace and ring, Hoot and Lil’ Hoot.  My relationship with these two buddies has always been one of utmost trust and respect, undoubtedly stemming from their unconditional loyalty and always reliable lending ears (err.. tufts?) I am therefore thrilled about this season’s Owl Trend, and am proud to parade these two dear companions publicly while others (think Drake’s new music video) are sporting their own owl obsessions on sweaters, shoes, bags, and jewelry.  Even top designers have openly embraced this feathery-friend trend this season! 

Check out Marc Jacob’s owl collection…








Give a little love to Hoot and Lil’ Hoot in Trench Fever!!