Slammin’ Salmon

Don’t worry, today’s post isn’t about undercooked seafood or the risks of salmonella, but rather how this universal gorge color can brighten and compliment any and all skin tones!  (Though I am craving some delish sashimi for dinner tonight!) Anywho, whether you’re deep ebony or creamy ivory (or anything in between), wearing salmon close to your face will make you look fresh, glowing, and dreamy.  To prove my point, just look at Sofia Vergara in this Vera Wang salmon gown at the Emmys! (ok, I know… she looks fresh, glowing, and dreamy in any color, but still!)

Vera Wang salmon gown









Click on L’Ecoliere to see my salmon shirt.

Springtime Scarfin’

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Great news! Not all scarves were meant to be thick and itchy, or were knitted out of desperation to contain your last ounce of body heat during those grueling winter months.  Nope, it’s time to vacuum-pak those woolly wonders under your bed, and toss along with it last winter’s demand for practicality.  Spring is here, and so are fun, bright, and beautiful flowy scarves!  A colorful patterned scarf (as seen in Turquoise Tumbler) will add the pizazz you need to any outfit this spring.  Don’t be afraid to go extra bold and ultra bright because that’s what this season’s all about.

Here’s an awesome tutorial on 25 different (easy!) ways to sport that springtime scarf…